Marketplace Reporting for Amazon Videos

General Videos

  • Basics & How-to Use: This video explains some of the basics and how-to with Marketplace Reporting for Amazon Seller Central (ASC).

  • Dashboards & Analytics:  How to use the Dashboards and Analytics with Marketplace Reporting for Amazon Seller Central (ASC)

  • Searching & Filtering:  Understanding how to search and filter data is a crucial element to using Marketplace Reporting for Amazon.  In order to understand the results or answers you get, you must first understand the question you are asking.  Selecting filters and options are like asking questions.  Each selection changes the question thus changes the results displayed.

  • Using the Standard Edition Trial Version:  The trial version of Marketplace Reporting for Amazon Seller Central has limited functionality, but key features for orders and settlements are enabled.  You can enjoy the features and functionality of Marketplace Reporting even with the limitations of the trial version.

Report Videos

  • Out of Stock with Sales:  The Out of Stock with Sales report lists all products with sales for the date range selected, but are currently out of stock.  Any item out of stock with sales needs a closer look to determine what action need to be taken to replenish it.  You should periodically run this report to determine if products on the report need to be ordered from your supplier.

  • Product Listing:  The Product Listing report for Amazon Seller Central Lists all of your products from your Products database without any qualifiers.  Products with sales only by default or list all products regardless of sales.  This report features Gross Margin (GM) and Gross Margin Percent (GM %).

  • Product Ranking:  The Product Ranking Report analyzes the activity of a product across all other products within your products database both Merchant and FBA listed.  Product rankings are a way to categorize all your products as to their relative effect to sales, profit, costs, and hits.

  • Settlement Transaction Summary:  The settlement transaction summary report displays all amounts aggregated by transaction type, amount type, and amount description affecting your Amazon settlements for the date period and options selected.  This report is designed to aid with your Amazon settlement accounting by providing a high level view of revenues, charges, and expenses.  You can use these summaries for entry to your accounting program.

  • Settlement Transaction Summary by Item:  The Settlement Transaction Summary by Item report displays all transactions related to orders, refunds, and other transactions as itemized by Amazon in your settlement report.  You can review every single line item for all transactions related to settlements via this report.