The following are answers to frequently asked questions:

Q:  I have a tech support question.  What is the best way to get it answered?

A:  There are several ways you can get your tech question answered.  I’ll put them in quickest to slowest order.

  1. The support forum is the fastest way to get an answer.  Search your question to see if it has already been addressed, or post your question and one of our many user’s may be able to answer it for you.  This is the preferred method since all users will be able to get the benefit or your question and the correct answer.
  2. Submit a support ticket for our tech support personnel to review and we’ll get an answer to you ASAP.
  3. Go to the support page to find the resource you require.
  4. Ask our staff a question.
  5. Contact us for general questions you may have about our products, services, support, etc.