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Communique for Marketplaces

Communique for Marketplaces is a feature rich, extensive, and powerful reporting platform.  It features many innovations like numerous dashboards, 120 plus standard reports, and many utilities necessary for marketplace reporting.

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Communqiue for Amazon

Communique for Amazon Seller Central (ASC) is a feature rich, extensive, and powerful reporting platform with many innovative features, dashboards, reports, and many utilities for the Amazon market place.

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Communique for Stone Edge

Communiqué for Stone Edge is the premiere reporting solution for Stone Edge with over 360 standard reports, 100 data analyzers, utilities, and more than 20 reconciliation reports.

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Tech Tip    |    Aug 2 2018

Locating Amazon MWS API Keys

Communique for Marketplaces has an Amazon Integrator for accessing your Amazon US seller central account.  If you have an integrated account, this could also include Amazon CA and MX. In order to access data from your Amazon account, we need the following MWS API keys: Seller ID AWS Access Key ID Secret Key You can…
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Annoucement, Tech Tip, Videos    |    Jul 27 2018

Supplier Costs by Date

Communique for Marketplaces features over 160 standard reports. The Supplier Costs by Date report is one of those. This report displays Supplier Costs using the purchase orders issued to each supplier during the period selected and filters applied. There several benefits to using this report:  Visibility for liabilities to various suppliers for stock purchased. Insight…
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Annoucement, Tech Tip, Videos    |    Jul 9 2018

Out of Stocks with Sales Report

This report lists all products currently out of stock with sales during the period selected and filters applied. When selling on the marketplaces like Amazon and eBay, if you are out of stock then you are not selling.  Your competitors get those sales that should be yours. This report quickly identifies those products currently out…
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Customer Comments

Bells's Bike Shop
Head Honcho
4.7 / 5
January 2017

Fantastic reporting, i’m exited!


We could not run our business without it!


None so far


Marketplace Reporting has quickly given us insight into our customers, suppliers,, products, and a wide range of critical metrics we've only been able to extract after hours of manual processing. Totally impressive!

Specialist ID
Inventory Manager
4.9 / 5
Decebver 2016

Finally Got My FBA Inventory Under Control


We are finally able to manage our FBA inventory. No more storage fees and out of stocks!


I should have gotten this sooner so I could avoid all of those storage fees.


Marketplace Reporting has saved me so much time. It replaced so many Excel spread sheets and has made my life so much easier. I can go home at a decent hour each night thanks to the fantastic reporting.


  • Well this is the missing part and what we've been waiting for. Our OMS is great for fulfilling orders, but it lacked the next level of enterprise software capability. Customers like us who humbly start from a garage and grow into midsize business need advanced tools like Communique to plan. This is the perfect software to help us run our business both daily operations and strategic planning.

    OSD Audio Dave C.
  • This is a great software package. The installation took about 2 minutes with ZERO configuration needed. We are very happy with our OMS, but always have been disappointed by the lack of reporting options. Communique has tons of built in reports that you can easily tweak to get needed data. Great job!

    Wetsuit Wearhouse Chris M.
  • I had a meeting last week with our post master and needed to pull up some sales information (sales by supplier). I had this info available to me in a couple of seconds with Communique. It was actually pretty impressive not to havinig to weed through a bunch of irrelevant data to get what we needed.

    HubCapsPlus Jack S.

Case Studies

Regardless of your company size and budget, our goal is to help you grow your business.  For many companies automating time consuming labor intensive tasks are the best way to expand your business quickly and affordably.  We can automate any process either by custom programming or reporting, back office automation, or 3rd party integration.  For more information or to schedule a time to discuss your project contact us.

The following case studies are samples of how some merchants were able to solve business process issues with automation for efficiency, scalability, and cost effectiveness.

Vendor Synch

Bell’s Bike Shop wanted to integrate their supplier inventory data so they could include current quantity and cost for each item with their own warehouse data and upload it direct to ChannelAdvisor.

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Affiliates Processor

Wholesale Point needed to automate processing their affiliate revenue reports. They wanted each revenue report to generate automatically at a scheduled interval, and sent via email with an attached report in PDF format.

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